Suzy (Asylum)
by Sal Manna

Let's not hedge: Terence Boylan is one of the four finest singer/ songwriters on vinyl today (the others being Jackson Browne, Warren Zevon and James Taylor). And even though you might not recognize the name, he wrote two of last year's hits-"Don't Hang Up Those Dancing Shoes" by Nigel Olsson and "Shake It" by Iain Matthews. Suzy, his second LP, ought to jettison Boylan into the public's purview as it has into most critics'.

Them are more lyrically beautiful and musically precise tunes on this album than in most artists' complete catalogs. "Suzy" proves that Boylan, who produced the album himself, can indeed write a rock 'n' roll song-something he had not demonstrated on his first effort. "Shake Your Fiorucci"- is the best satire, on Southern California outside of Frank Zappa. Those familiar with Boylan will recognize his style on "Roll Your Own" (where Boylan manifests his education in literature by quoting T.S. Eliot; his first LP included songs dealing with Hemingway, Melville and Hawthorne), "Did She Finally Get To You," "Tell Me," and "College Life," about a New England university student such as Boylan was.

If, for some unexplainable reason, Suzy fails to rise on the charts you will assuredly be hearing these songs again, by other artists. Though you will miss out on the excellent guitar work of Will McFarlane and a Rhodes solo by some joker named Chevy Chase. You will also be missing getting in on the ground floor of those praising Boylan as a big, big musical artist of the future.