Playback, The Appletree Theatre
MGM/ Verve Forecast (1967)
Produced by Pete Spargo (written, directed and performed by John and Terence Boylan)

Side 1: Hightower Square/ Saturday Morning/ Nevertheless It Was Italy/ I Wonder If Louise Is Home/ E-Train/ Brother Speed
Side 2: You're The Biggest Thing In My Life/ Don't Blame It On Your Wife/ The Sorry State of Staying Awake/ Barefoot Boy/ Lotus Flower/ What A Way To Go

The Players: Larry Coryell, Chuck Rainey, Herb Lovelle, Chuck Israels, Paul Griffin, Eric Gale, Buddy Saltzman, Michael Equine, Zal Yanovsky

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 Alias Boona, Terence Boylan
MGM/ Verve Forcast (1968)

Side 1: Subterranean Homesick Blues/ Don't Blame It On Your Wife/ This Old Town/ Bring The Whole Family/ Who Do You Think I Am/ Glasses
Side 2: Deep In The Middle/ Hey Hanna/ No Second Time/ County Fair/ Bare Road of Sand/ What A Way To Go

  The Players: Donald Fagen, Walter Becker, Herb Lovelle, Jimmy Johnson, Darius Davenport, Terence Boylan

 Terence Boylan, Terence Boylan
Asylum 7E-1091 (1977)

Side 1: Don't Hang Up Those Dancing Shoes/ Shake It/ Sundown Of Fools/ The War Was Over/ Shame
Side 2: Hey Papa/ Where Are You Hiding/ Rain King/ Trains

   The Players: Jim Gordon, Russell Kunkel, Jeff Porcaro, Leland Sklar, Chuck Rainey, David Jackson, Timothy B. Schmit, Donald Fagen, Victor Feldman, Mickey McGee, Dean Parks, John Klemmer, Gary Foster, Don Henley, Wilton Felder, David Paich, Bob Glaub, Don Evans, Steve Lukather, Al Kooper, Ben Benay, John Guerin, Max Bennett, Tom Kelly, Dodie Petit

 Suzy, Terence Boylan
Asylum 6E-201 (1980)

Side 1: Suzy/ Shake Your Fiorucci/ College Life/ Dump It In The River/ $50 An Hour/ Roll Your Own
Side 2: Did She Finally Get To You/ Tell Me/ Ice And Snow/ Going Home/ End Of The World

  The Players: Jeff Baxter, Ben Benay, Larry Carlton, Chevy Chase, Don Felder, Victor Feldman, Gary Foster, Jim Gordon, Jay Graydon, Ed Greene, Paul Harris, John Holbrook, Don Henley, David Kemper, Russ Kunkel, Will McFarlane, Michael Omartian, Michael Porcaro, Emil Richards, Timothy Schmit, Dennis Whitted, Jai Windling


Terence Boylan (A Retrospective), Terence Boylan
Spinnaker Records SPA-307 (1999)

Hey Papa/ Tell Me/ Dancing Shoes/ Sundown of Fools/ Rain King/ Shame/ Dump it in the River/ True Love Isn't Cool/ Ice and Snow/ Coming Home/ Shake It/ Keep Shining On/ The War is Over/ End of the World/ Trains

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